Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Creepy Magician

Another somewhat strange card today from the Victorian Romantic Tarot (Baba Studios, 2012).

Here we have the Magician, yet I have to say he looks rather old and tired.  If the cards didn't have titles, I might have guessed him to be the Hermit, given his age, his solitary situation, and the light shining before him over a book.   There are no suit elements here, no sword, wand or cup, and just a pentagram etched on the floor for the suit of pentacles. 

Looking closer, though, I guess we could see the light before him as representing the fiery suit of Wands, and the book his hand rests on as representing the mental realm of Swords.  The strange little blue thing on the table (anyone want to take a guess at what it is?), could be some representation of water and hence Cups...

Still, the other elements in the card are pretty creepy: a skeleton standing to one side of him; animal skulls and heads above him.  Altogether, he's not a Magician I'd want to get on the wrong side of.  It's true, though, that these can all by symbols of esoteric knowledge and experimentation of one kind or another!  So, perhaps he has developed the ability, using these tools, to achieve or create what he sets out to.

How much I'll manage to achieve today will depend a lot on whether or not Big Boy can go back to school.  I'm hoping, based on this card, that he will :)  Though we had a lot of fun yesterday, my deadlines are haunting me like the skeleton in the Magician's chamber.

I am grateful for the ability to get work done when I set my mind to it.


  1. Well, maybe the blue thing is a sort of conch shell. That rattan globe might some sort of crazy homemade astrolabe. Is that a sextant lying on the floor beside it? I think the pentacle chalked on the floor has to do with 'ceremonial magick' (even though spelling it with a k makes me want to barf ha ha).

    I think he's some sort of alchemist, and he's old and tired looking because we think of wizards as old bearded men.

    I rather like this Magician. He's not bad for Victorian Romantic. :)

    1. I dunno, I like my Magician's to have a bit more vim. For example, the DruidCraft Magician (who has come up in a spread I'll be posting next Monday) has a grey beard, but still looks dynamic. Whereas this guy just looks tired and a little pensive. Not one of my favourite images from this deck :)

  2. I wish you a "magical" day. :)

    1. Thank you, Ellen! It was rather more practical than magical, but I guess that holds its own magic :D

  3. I hope things worked out! I definitely see the Magician as a positive card--very much a 'yes' card. Hopefully you got stuff done and BB was able to go to school.


    1. Big Boy went back to school, and I got lots done, so definitely a 'yes' :D