Monday, 16 September 2013


Another lovely card today from the Victorian Romantic Tarot (Baba Studios, 2012).

In this version of the Two of Wands, we have a woman looking out expectantly from a place high up on a hill.  She holds two large, dramatic green feathers in her hands, and stands before some kind of structure with a woman's face carved into the end stone.  Her clothes are bright and colourful, and she wears a golden headdress and a red ribbon that matches her sash.  Above and behind her are two tall trees and a rocky cliff face.

In some ways, this card has more of a Three of Wands feel to it.  That sense of waiting, of expectation, is often found in the Three, after a certain amount of energy or dedication has already been put into a project.  Whereas I associate the Two more with choices: this plan or that plan, now or later, stay or go, big or small?  In the Two, there is still a world of possibility, waiting for us to reach out and grasp it.  I guess, in that sense, this woman's view from on high echoes the traditional RWS figure looking out from a castle, getting the lay of the land before making a decision.

For me, I see a suggestion here to get as much information as possible today.  I have some big choices coming up, and always prefer to make them based on facts, where available.  Of course, then there'll be intangibles, too.  But that's what the tarot is for ;D

I am grateful for the reminder to inform myself well today.


  1. I find the Victorian Romantic one the most static decks (for me) that I've ever seen. I look at the images and get nothing. They look like postcards from the mid 1800s. It's a popular deck, but I just don't get it. Ah well. Plus there aren't 2 wands in the image, and you know how annoyed I get when there aren't any pips in pip cards! :D

    Hope the day went well for you.

    1. There are two long feathers in her hands, doesn't that count ;) I know what you mean, though, it's definitely not one of my favourite decks. Still, it is very pretty...

      Day was okay, got quite a lot done despite Big Boy being ill - though it did mean a bit of shift work between me and my Dear One.