1) What is my Heart's Desire for the next turn of the Wheel?  The Magician

I have a desire to use my abilities and resources to see projects through to realisation.  I can see this relating to a few things.  I doubt all of them can be achieved within the time frame between now and Samhain/Hallow'een, but I can certainly make inroads on all of them!  And one of them is scheduled to finish on October 29th, so that fits pretty well :)

Another is my workshop at the UK Tarot Conference.  While I blogged a fair bit around the subject back in the spring, I haven't thought much about combining tarot and Lenormand since then, occupied as I was with completing and handing over the Celtic Lenormand.  Now it's time to get back into that mindset, and finish up my presentation, as the Conference is only two and a half weeks away *eek*  So, if you want to look at different ways to combine the tarot and Lenormand systems in a single reading, why not come along on the 11th of October?

DruidCraft Tarot (trimmed)
2) What price will I have to pay?  Ace of Cups

Ah, the multi-layeredness of the tarot!  One thing I see in this card is that I may have to accept losing emotional closeness with some people, either because I will have to spend my time on these projects, or because they won't approve of what I'm choosing to do.  That's not easy to contemplate, but it may well be something I have to accept.

Related to that, though at a slightly different level, the price I'll have to pay is that of pouring myself emotionally into these projects.  This can be draining, yet it's also true that the more we give to something, the more it can thrive.  Which, if we value the project, is worthwhile.

DruidCraft Tarot (trimmed)
3) What will I learn in the process?  Eight of Cups

There is the potential for me to learn that, even if some friendships don't last or I feel emotionally drained, I can renew myself from the source.  I notice that the cups left behind are empty, while the figure climbs towards the spring from which the stream flows.  They might almost be climbing a hill towards another Ace of Cups! 

Learning how to refill our own cup, how to nurture ourselves, and how to connect with spirit at a deeper level, are all things I see here.  They are things which, I believe, we often need to be reminded of.  If I'm not to feel sad and drained despite achieving something I feel is worthwhile, then those are definitely lessons I could do with reviewing.

I take encouragement from this spread that I can get a lot done over the next 5 or 6 weeks, and find ways to do so without feeling totally drained.

I am grateful for the reminder to focus my intent, and seek emotional support to sustain me.