Monday, 23 September 2013

Lennie Week 11 - Dream Inspires Lenormand

Today, we have an interesting photographic deck by a fellow Brit, and published through the GameCrafter.  The creator, Flick Merauld, has made the images slightly surreal, and has incorporated elements of myth, symbol and dream, as well as some of the ancient sacred sites of Britain.  My ex-proofreader self was at first annoyed by the name - grammatically it should be the Dream InspireD Lenormand.  However, Flick explains that, living in Oxford, it is a play on the 'Dreaming Spires' of that city.  I can live with that ;)

As for the cards, they are pretty, filled with symbolism and still fairly clear for readings.  Our selection today is: Moon, Letter and Garden.

Emotional writing goes public - an email to a colleague about something personal which accidentally gets sent to the boss, for instance.  An emotional blog post would also fit the bill.
A famous person writes something publicly - a celebrity declaring themselves for a cause, or excusing an indiscretion...
A famous community writing - this could describe the American Declaration of Independence, for example.
Cyclical community documentation - do you need to renew your passport, file your council tax form, or confirm your voting residency?

Given I'm posting my own reading with yesterday's blog hop 'Heart's Desire' spread this afternoon, the first of those probably holds true for me: a somewhat emotional blog post.  Some of the last one may also be applicable, as I have to do some paperwork for our house: buildings insurance and the like.  Far from the celebrity show-and-tell interpretation, but I'm glad to steer clear of that sort of thing for the most part ;)

I am grateful for the reminder to get my paperwork in order.

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