Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Lennie Week 11 - Le-Newbie Lenormand

Today we're back to a standard Lenormand, though with an interesting twist.  The Le-Newbie Lenormand (Rootweaver, 2013) boasts simple, pretty and colourful images, and keywords around the borders.  As such,  it is designed to be helpful for someone just learning the system.  It goes a step further, though, in that the images themselves are made up of keywords, some highlighted by being in a larger font than others. 

Altogether, it is a well-thought out and well-executed deck.  My only quibble would be that keywords are often quite variable from reader to reader. 

For example, take today's draw: Bouquet, Woman, and Anchor.  Work, job, and profession are not amongst the keywords given for the Anchor.  Yet, for many readers influenced by the German tradition, myself included, those are the main keywords that apply, with other interpretations being secondary.  So, for the most part, I'll stick with my keywords...

A woman feels creative in her work.
A beautiful woman needs to work at it.
Intuitions of grace bring a feeling of stability.
Feeling joy in your work.
A woman enjoys the gift of some time by the ocean.

Well, I certainly have plenty of work to do today, it's been a busy week.  Still, this card reminds me to try to tap into my creativity, and a sense of being at one with the Universe, rather than just doing things by rote.

I am grateful for work projects that feel creative and inspiring.


  1. That is a great learning tool. But for me the downside is also the set meanings on the cards. I'd rather go for a piece of paper with my own keywords.
    Have a creative day :D

    1. Well, one thing I like about these cards, though others have criticised it, is that the keywords aren't totally obvious in the images themselves. So, you can take a big-picture view and just look at the pictures, which are pretty and colourful :)

  2. I don't go for it either. The words are not necessarily helpful, and the the images indistinct because they are made of words. Newbies should start with regular Lenormand decks like we did. Fuddy Duddy of Nuneaton. ;)

    1. Hee hee, definitely Fuddy Duddy of Nuneaton. I started with Titania's Fortune cards, but never loved them. I still adore the Mystical Lenormand, which was my second deck. But I find most "traditional" decks a bit boring, and they don't inspire me to read. Horses for courses... ;D

  3. Maybe I should start having a Lennie week!! I think I need to do something along those lines to get more accustomed to reading with the system.


    1. Hey, whatever rocks your boat. You do just fine with the Lennie's, so follow your own inspiration :)
      Belated hugs,