Thursday, 26 September 2013

Lennie Week 11 - Yellow Lennie

Today's deck is another from the creator of the Shabby Chicness Lenormand, TarotLyn, who has also created a Shades of Pink Lenormand.  This one, the Yellow Lennie (2013), appealed to me as the cards all include yellow somewhere: such a happy, cheerful colour :)  It's a photographic deck, nicely edited together, with a fairly consistent feel, and with a yellow-tinted image of Madame Lenormand on the backs.  If you go for the 72 card version, you get to choose which of several images you prefer for a number of the cards.  I enjoy the process of making my choices, though a few were tough to decide between...

Interestingly, this draw includes two of the same cards as appeared earlier this week from the Dream Inspires Lenormand: Moon, Letter, and the newcomer, Ring.

Written emotions create a commitment.
Fame comes through a writing proposal.
Journaling helps to clarify cycles, both short and longer term.
Evidence of an emotional pledge.

While the first and last seem similar, in the first I see the suggestion to write about your emotions if you want to create a commitment in yourself.  In the last, I see more the sense of something written being used as evidence, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the situation.

Still, it's the first one that draws me most.  As I wrote in my Heart's Desire Spread on Monday, there are quite a few projects I want to dedicate myself to over the coming weeks.  Since then, I've finished my presentation for the UK Tarot Conference (though I'd still like to practice it a few times).  So, I'm hoping to commit to another project I feel very inspired by.  Perhaps writing down something about why I feel drawn to it will help my focus over the coming weeks...

I am grateful for tools to help me focus my intent.


  1. I think I like the yellow one better than the pinkie one. :) People are going crazy with this whole Lenormand thing. I wonder when the backlash will start. Well, I'm not on AT anymore, so I'll probably never know about it. :)

    1. Ha ha, that echoed what so many people said at the UK Tarot Conference, too. How long can this fad last, or will it become an enduring thing? I hope it lasts, as I really like the semantic approach of the Lennie's, and all the creativity that is going into them now :)

  2. Writing is always a good way to get clarity; a wonderful decision making tool. :D