Distilling this tale down, I came up with the Heart's Desire Spread (yep, remembered to name it again, yay).  As you can see, it's laid out in a rough heart shape, and the positions are:

1) What is my heart's desire for this turn of the Wheel/at this time? 

Beauty wanted a single, red rose.  Symbolically, we could take this as her desire for romantic love.

2) What price will I have to pay for it? 

Beauty had to leave her family, face her fears and live in the Beast's castle.

3) What lesson will I learn in the process? 

Beauty learned that true love is about far more than appearance.

That's it, a simple little spread to look at your Heart's Desire.  If you want to see a reading with it, I'll post my own reading here tomorrow afternoon (6pm BST/2pm Eastern American time).  For now, though, I hope you'll hop on round to Luminaria Star for more mixing of myth and tarot.