Friday, 13 September 2013

Mayan Queen

For our last day with the World Spirit Tarot (Llewellyn, 2001) we have another Court card: the Sibyl (Queen) of Pentacles.

As is often the case with this card, she has an almost Empress-like feel to her.  Here, we have a dark-skinned, dark haired woman sitting on a white stone throne with black marbling.  Behind her we can see a field of corn, and a Mayan-style pyramid.  Interestingly, there are pink flowers behind her throne's back, and a snake at her side, rather than the European tradition of a bunny rabbit.  Looking around on-line, this seems quite appropriate, as the Maya saw the serpent as a symbol of renewal and rebirth, as well as having several serpent deities associated with vision and beauty.

For me, the Sibyl of Pentacles is a woman sure of herself and her place in the world.  She is loving and sensual, caring and nurturing, and definitely hospitable.  She's the perfect mother figure, without any of the guilt-trips: always there with chicken soup (or whatever your special comfort food might be), and good advice on practical matters.

I can certainly see the relevance to my day.  I have to do some shopping for a new bed and bedclothes for Big Boy, and some new pillows for guests.  There are a couple of other nurturing tasks I need to get on top of, too: a GP's appointment for Big Boy; food shopping for the week.  Then, there are some practical things at work, too.  As they're to do with HR questions, I guess that might count as nurturing, as well ;)

I am grateful for the reminder to focus on others today.


  1. This was an interesting week. I don't really know whether I like this deck or not. On one side I like the bold colors, but on the other side. I think the images are too primitive (don't know if that is the right expression) I did like getting to know this deck a little.
    This card, again one of my favorites. Since She radiates that motherly nurturing feeling. Perhaps as inspiration for me, or as a safe haven to find a moment of rest….:)

    1. Hi Ellen,

      Glad you found the week interesting. Primitive is exactly the right word :) I don't find it so primitive as to be off-putting, but it's also not a super-pretty, accomplished deck. I like its down-to-earth, practical feel, but that's a personal thing :)

      And yes, this is a lovely card. I like the idea of a safe haven to rest :)

  2. I do like this card, for the comfort it gives and for the inspiration to nurture as well. It is a nice feeling to know that you've provided care and comfort for someone else.

    1. Yes, it is the archetypal "mom" card, isn't it? :) I don't always see myself that way, but it's a good thing to be reminded that it's important, too!