Saturday, 7 September 2013

Sage of Cups

This week, I decided to dig out another of my old favourites, which I realised I'd never featured here on the blog: the World Spirit Tarot (Llewellyn, 2001- now OOP).

This deck has black borders, a very multi-national feel, and bright, playful artwork based on RWS ideas.  It also renames the Court cards to become Seer (Page), Seeker (Knight), Sibyll (Queen) and Sage (King).

Here, in the Sage (King) of Cups, we have a card that demonstrates all of the above.  A blue-skinned man with a brown beard and blue-white crown sits on a throne.  He wears blue-white robes with black trim and holds a big, golden cup.  His throne appears to be formed of waves that have risen from the sea around him and solidified in place, as though suddenly frozen mid-splash.  The Sage himself seems to have his eyes closed, though directed into the depths of his cup.  And the sky behind him is torn by black, stormy clouds.

This seems to me a card of finding calm in the midst of deep and sometimes treacherous emotion.  Of feeling emotion without allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by it. 

Certainly, there are a couple of quite emotionally challenging things going in for me right now.  However, it being Saturday, there's not much I can actually do about most of them today.  So, like this Sage, I shall just have to try to find my inner calm and leave any action til next week.

I am grateful for some time to read and disconnect.


  1. Beautiful card! For me the king of cups is often a sign that I have to council my inner therapist: Just listen to myself and acknowledge how I feel and listen to some great (my own) advice in how to take care of myself. :)

    1. I like that interpretation, Ellen! And it fits nicely: I did a longer reading for myself this morning, which was very helpful :)

  2. If I remember right, you don't really see eye to eye with the King of Cups (or Sage as he is here). He looks to me like he has raised himself out of the water - so he is supported by his emotions, but his Kingly (Sage) energy means that they do not overwhelm him nor divert him from his course of action.

    Hope all is well - sending hugs anyway!!! (((hug)))

    Ali x

    1. Hi Ali,

      It's funny, this Sage of Cups I like :) Maybe I'm mellowing with time, or maybe his irreality allows me to judge him less harshly... I like what you say about him being supported by his emotions.

      All is well, hope with you, too! Looking forward to seeing you in Lahndan next month!!