Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sixties Dude

This card from the World Spirit Tarot (Llewellyn, 2001) always makes me smile!

Not that the Nine of Wands is all that cheerful, but I can't help grinning at this guy.  He wears pink sunglasses in the dark of night, and has thigh and junk hugging leggings, a blouson shirt and semi-dreaded hair with a goatee beard.  He looks like a student protester from the Sixties :) 

And I guess that fits quite well with the Nine of Wands: making a stand, despite setbacks and difficulties; pushing through for what you believe in.  Standing your ground in the face of opposition, as though drawing a line in the sand. 

It's funny, when I thought about standing up for what I believe in, it's something that I do most days, in a minor way.  I sign petitions and share them on Facebook and/or Twitter.  I email my MP pretty regularly (and have the replies on House of Commons letterhead paper to prove it).  Yet, often I wonder how much good any of that does.  Do politicians care much what their constituents think, once they're safely in office?  And is it true that a handwritten letter is twenty times more impactful than an email?  Some of the causes I've signed up to have succeeded, have achieved something, so I shall take that as a sign that it is worth doing.

I am grateful for the increased ability of regular citizens to express their opinions without having to risk being imprisoned or beaten up in protest rallies.


  1. Funny, I feel exactly the opposite today. Got a real 'Let me be' vibe going. :)

    1. Fair enough, it's almost the weekend, after all :D