Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Taro Cigano

Here we have another deck from Brazil, this time called the Tarô Cigano (Gipsy Tarot) rather than the Baralho Cigano (Gipsy Deck).  However, it's still pretty much a Lenormand, no matter its name. 

(P.S. I source these Brazilian decks through De Keizerin in Holland, very friendly and helpful).

As I mentioned before, in terms of images the only real difference between this and a regular Lennie is in card number 2.  In the European tradition this is a Clover and associated with luck (though generally small or fleeting).  In the Brazilian tradition, the card shows logs blocking a path and is associated with difficulties and obstacles.  This time, we get to see that, as today's line is Logs, Paths, and Lily.

Difficult choices bring harmony.
Choose between strife and peace.
A walk uncovers problems, which an elder can help resolve.

Funny, when I first drew these, I felt the first sentence was most likely to be relevant to me today.  Re-reading them, though, a variant of all of them seems like it could come into play.  As I mentioned on Sunday, I've been feeling an internal pressure to clarify my path in life.  This is a tough choice, and in some ways choosing my dissertation feels harder because it doesn't inspire me much, yet easier as it fits with societal norms.  This afternoon, my Dear One and I have scheduled a walking date, out on the local Heath. Perhaps my beloved will help me gain a little inner calm talking it through on our walk...

I am grateful for a companion to walk this path with.


  1. I like it that you come up with different options for a row of Lennies. I've tried to work with them but still find it difficult to give meaning to the cards. I won't give up but for now I still prefer tarot :)

    1. Hi Ellen,

      With Lennie's, what works for me is to have a different mindset to tarot. Think of them as ciphers, making sentences. You don't much need to look at the picture, just start by choosing a few keywords for each card. In that sense, a deck like today's Le-Newbie can be quite helpful when you start reading, as the words are right there on the cards :)

      I've always loved playing with words and language, so I really like the Lenormand system. It's definitely different from tarot, but I like variety - in case you hadn't noticed ;D

    2. Hi
      Perhaps I'll just have to give it another try. It could be good practice to find more than one meaning for three cards ( perhaps more later on)
      thanks Ellen

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