Saturday, 12 October 2013

Ace Day!

This week, we're back to Blighty with this self-published deck from Shirlee at Wicca Moon, the eponymous Wicca Moon Tarot.  Those with good memories will remember this deck from last year, but as Shirlee has just brought out a companion book, I thought it would be a good time to give it another viewing.

The companion book has scans of all the cards in full colour.  For the pips, that and a one-line description is rather unusually all that you get.  For the Majors and Courts, though, it gives interesting insights into the people shown in the deck: who they are, and why they were chosen to represent that card.  There are also Ogham associations to all the Majors, and other interesting, esoteric information.

On to our card for the day, and what a great start this is :) The Ace of Wands shows a single wand in a field of green grass dotted with pretty violet and white flowers.  Several flames flicker at the base of the wand, highlighting the way this card's energy can light a fire under us and get us moving.  Above the wand is a lovely tree, and a pale, full moon shines down on the scene from a beautiful starry sky.

What a lovely follow-on from yesterday's Nine of Cups!  Today is the second, main day of the UK Tarot Conference, and it looks to be an inspiring one on many levels.  So many talks and workshops, and more dear friends joining the fun :) What new possibilities might the day hold?

I am grateful for inspiration in all its guises.


  1. Well the cards seem to think you'll have a great time. This time I do like the fortune telling part of cards :D

    1. Hee hee, even if you take it more psychologically, it talks of allowing yourself to be inspired and enthused, and I definitely was! :)