Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Keep It Under Wraps

Today, we have a Court card from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm (Llewellyn, 2013): the Queen of Swords.

Not that there's that much difference between her and some of our previous cards: we still have a close-up of a single figure.  In this case, a woman sits with a sword on her lap.  She appears to have unwrapped it from its silken cover.  Her dress is lacy at the edges, and blends and tones with the pale lilac of the background, which has an organic feel to it, without any obvious objects in it.  The woman has dark hair, and wears a stone on a chain at her forehead, pointing to her clarity of understanding.  She also appears to have an owl-face necklace on over her throat chakra, suggesting the wisdom of her speech.

There is symbolims here aplenty, then, simply quite subtle and muted.  This Queen is calm, yet she has sharp wits at her disposal, even if she often keeps them under wraps.  She is wise, with clear insight, and can express that when she so chooses.

After yesterday's flurry of activity, and busy to-do list, I see in this Queen the need to step back today and assess what I've achieved, what still needs doing, and how best to do it.  There is a suggestion that subtlety, rather than action, is what is called for today: listening well and assessing the information I get.  While I still feel the drive to tick off more items from my to-do list, perhaps I need to be wise about how I prioritise them...

I am grateful for the reminder to look before I leap.


  1. I am a huge fan of the queen of swords. I admire her wits and intelligence. This queen seems rather young to be a wise ruler though. But hey, she could be a natural :)
    I hope you'll have good day after all the excitement !

    1. I like the Queen of Swords, too. I see her having a level of empathy that comes from having been through things herself, and still being able to look at them objectively. While that often takes a certain maturity, it also depends on what life throws at you...
      Thank you, I did have a good day. Got a fair bit done, but with less of the hecticness of the day before :) Hope your neck is improving!

  2. This is a really pretty deck! Very nice quality to the people/portraits. This Queen of Swords is pretty cool, too. I hope things mellow out for you, lovely queen!


    1. Yesterday was much mellower, thank you. Hope things are going well for you, too!