Saturday, 26 October 2013

Lennie Week 12 - The Alone Lenormand

Time for another Lennie Week!  I know, I can't wait either :)

For today, we have a recently released, traditional deck: the Alone Lenormand (2013).  This version of the deck is being sold by Sylvie Steinbach, and comes with playing card inserts and no borders.  It has a rather elegant, feminine feel to it, and is quite beautiful.  There are no extra cards as such (despite what the website says), just a random assortment of duplicates (which Sylvie also did with her own deck).  I don't get it: what good are these duplicates? What if you lose a card, but it doesn't happen to be one you received a duplicate of?  They add nothing new, they are just filler!  End of rant.

As for today's draw, we have Fish, Key and Lady.  Sentences that pop up for me are:

The key to prosperity lies within you.
Secure finances come from a female clientele.
You feel in flow when you let your insights be guided by your intuition.
Feeling secure in the abundance of life depends on your own attitude.
Certainty comes through an exchange with a woman.

Several of those feel relevant to me today.  For one thing, I'm working on something that is targeted largely at a female market, and need to make some decisions about it today.  As for the last interpretation, I am going to have a scan today with a female doctor, which I'm hoping will leave me feeling more certain about this pregnancy.  Although everything seems to be fine, given my past history I can't help but be a little nervous...

I am grateful for modern scan technology that allows us to see inside a pregnancy.


  1. I think you also can read them as unlocking the secrets (key) of your (woman) little baby (fish). For isn't he/she also a little swimmer? :)
    Enjoy the scan

    1. Hee hee, never seen the Fish interpreted as a baby! Maybe at conception... ;)
      Scan went well, though the doctor wasn't very parent friendly - hardly any views of the cute little face etc as he went about checking heart, kidneys, lungs etc Ah well, we'll have time enough to ooh and ahh when the baby is born... :)

    2. I'm glad everything is okay!

  2. Well it never fails that the within a day or two of my discovering a deck even exists, I open Inner Whispers and find it featured. :) Another nice one. Best wishes on the scan today.

    1. Now that's just not true! You've enabled me with a couple of Lenormand decks recently - such as the Vintage Samhain Lenormand which I'll showcase on Halloween itself :D