Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Lennie Week 12 - Old Castle

A distinctly gothic deck today from Russia adds to our Halloween week: the Mysteries of the Old Castle (Berenika, 2013).  I'm told the best way to order this, or any of their other decks, is to email the administrator, Anna Simonova, who can reply in English.  She's contactable at admin (@) yarasvera dot ru.

Here we have Rider, Dog and Book.

News from a friend about a secret.
Faithful information for a book - doing your research...
A colleague who is both chatty and yet mysterious.

I'm always open to a friend sharing something :) Still, for myself, rather than that more predictive reading, I'll take the suggestion to do some fact-checking today.  Not for a book per se, but I see the Book as representing larger projects more generally...

I am grateful for the reminder to check and double-check things today.


  1. It seems everybody is writing about Lenormand this week. That motivates me to get my Lennies out of the drawer and start some practicing :)

    1. Yay! I do love this system, and will look forward to popping over to check out your blog, Ellen :)

  2. The Lenormand Oracle, "called to me" the first time I saw it!. I think it has a special attractive, and it's accurate. Muchas Estrellas!!!!!!

    1. I love it for it's linguistic aspect, as that's something that works well in my head - as you know, I like talking other languages :) Muchas Estrellas a vos!!