Friday, 25 October 2013

The Kiss

What a lovely card to end our week with the Tarot of the Hidden Realm (Llewellyn, 2013)!

A blonde fae woman with flowers in her hair lifts her hand and closes her eyes.  A green man, with twigs or antlers emerging from his head, bends down as though to kiss her.  It's not entirely clear whether she can even see him.  Is he a shadow, stealing a kiss?  Are they star-crossed lovers?  Is he a dream?

Overall, the feeling I get is one of melding opposites, of bringing different aspects into balance.  Sometimes, we find that balance outside ourselves.  More often, it is within ourselves that we must seek our other half.

Today, Big Boy has another doctor's appointment, just a follow-up from his operation over the summer.  When things like this come up, I have to balance my hope for results with my realism about what modern medicine can actually do for him.  He's been suffering a bit this week, but I doubt it's anything they, or any regular doctor, can do much about...  So, I may need to look elsewhere for my choices.

I am grateful for alternative approaches to health.


  1. That's a nice card, like all of them! The deck reminds me a little, for some reason, of Wicca Moon. Probably because there's such a feeling of nature in it, and Wicca Moon has leaves and trees aplenty. It also somewhat brings to mind Froud's Heart of Faeries Oracle. I believe it is going on my wishlist. Speaking of wishes, best of them for today's appointment and tomorrow as well. x

  2. This card is indeed lovely. Usually I see this card to as a coming together of inside opposites. Perhaps Big Boy is being affected by all the different experiences and now he has to process them.
    I wish you the best for your appointment today.

  3. Very interesting the description and the analysis you do of this card, I like it. Mucha Luz para vos y los tuyos and Muchas Estrellas!!!