Wednesday, 9 October 2013

We Ride

Delightfully, today the Badger's Forest Tarot (GameCrafter, 2013) offers us a Court card, so we can get a more balanced feel for the whole deck. 

Alison Cross, of This Game of Thrones, wrote an interesting post a while back which, amongst other things, talked about what the steeds of the Knights (or their lack of steed) might mean to us in a reading.  In the Badger's Forest Tarot, all the Knights are animals (a rabbit, a badger, a fox and a crow) and all ride a different animal. 

It seems a little strange to have a crow on a wolf, surely he'd get there faster flying?  Still, that actually sort of fits the Knight of Crows (Pentacles) as speed is not the main thing on his mind.  Getting the lay of the land from different perspectives, to have a really good sense of it, is more relevant.  And though his means of transport may be slower than flying, it allows him to see things closer up, and to take more time with them.  Alison described the Knight of Pentacles as Air of Earth, so his mind goes faster than his body, and that is certainly well-expressed in this card.  He may take his time with things, but what he does he generally does well.  And though not the most romantic of Knights, he's trustworthy, reliable and  loyal.

I see this Knight's stick-to-it-ness in our showing the house today.  Buying and selling property is generally such a slow process in this country.  Every time we have a showing, we tidy up, put things away, try to give an impression of space.  We also make ourselves scarce, so that others can take their time looking over our home without feeling our eyes on them.  Plenty of Knight of Pentacles energy on both sides, I guess.  And that makes sense, for a big decision like where to live.  The Queen might also be good for this, but in some ways I like the Knight better - he's going out and exploring, moving and changing, even if very slowly :D

I am grateful for a tidy house.


  1. I do hope everything goes well. Here we're used to ask: did you bake an appelpie and made the coffee? That's for the homey smell so potential buyers will be more inclined to go for it :D

    1. Ha, I didn't bake or put on coffee, but they called it off an hour before anyway - drove by and decided our house isn't big enough... ah well!