Friday, 8 November 2013

At Cross-Purposes

For this last day with the Deviant Moon Tarot (U.S. Games, 2007, we have one of my favourite cards from the whole deck!

In this Two of Swords, we see a person divided, at cross-purposes with themself.  The figure has two heads that seem locked in battle, forehead to forehead.  One is pale-skinned, one dark.  Each head is attached to what seems to be a single torso, but with control over half, and in particular a like-skinned arm which brandishes a sword.   The swords also cross, as though trying to slice off the other head!  Beneath, the body has two legs, also one light one dark.  However, these are on the opposite side to the "matching" head and arm.

For me, this card perfectly illustrates a couple of things.  Firstly, the way that things are never all black or all white, never simple or one-sided.  Secondly, it shows the tension that this can create, the stand-still as we decide which way we will go, which aspect we will favour.  Ultimately, though, a choice will be made, even if it is the choice to stay with the tension.

It's funny, because I did a Lennie reading for myself this morning, too.  This card was an excellent reminder to help clarify it.  In Lennie's, some people like to see clarity, but I can't help seeing that there are still always at least two sides to every situation, every card, and every combination.  It may be to do with being a double Gemini ;)  And yet, I do have to make choices, to act.  That stalemate cannot last forever.  This card makes me think about how I make those choices, how I decide which way to go with something.

I am grateful for the reminder that it all comes down to choices.


  1. I am so curious which deck you'll choose for next week. It must be a very difficult decision. :D

    1. Hee hee, that is sometimes a tough choice :) Still, it often seems to come about organically, and that's certainly the case this week. It'll be the Tarot of the Masters, James Ricklef's self-published deck...

    2. Not my favorite either, but a whooole lot better than this one :D

    3. :D I love the Tarot of the Masters more for James Ricklef's wisdom than for the artwork. Let's see what next week brings... :)

    4. I agree with you about that. I love his daily draws and pithy tarot meanings :)