Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Wow, what a very different Queen to yesterday's!  This time, we meet the Queen of Wands from the Tarot of the Masters.

This lady seems more of a ruler than a mother, despite her costume which imitates pendulous breasts.  She sits on an ostentatious throne holding a sceptre across her lap.  As for her clothes, she wears armour under her dress, and a red cape over the top.  Yet, despite all these trappings of power, her gaze seems pensive, almost sad.  Perhaps her responsibilities weigh heavily on her...

In The Soul's Journey James states: "The Queen of Wands indicates the attributes of being open and warm, giving and supportive, cheerful and gregarious.  But more than just advocating that we cultivate these traits for our own sake, this card says that we can create a better world by manifesting them and thereby being an inspiration to others."  For me, this is the true power of rulership, setting a good example and encouraging the same behaviour in others.

It's funny to get this card today, as the Queen of Coins would have fit my morning better, with a meeting at Big Boy's school.  Yet later, it's true, I'll have some decisions to make, so maybe that's when I'll need this Queen's determination and focus.  And while I may not be the ruler of anything, I can still try to set a good example, both at the school and at work, being supportive and giving...

I am grateful for the reminder that we help create the world we live in.


  1. Of course every balanced woman wants to embody aspects of all the four queens. So two down, two to go. If you had to choose; which queen would you want to be. Personally I'd go for the queen of pentacles :)

    1. Ha, yes, like Jung's four personality aspects, it's good to try to embody aspects of all the queens. As for your question, while I associate myself with the Queen of Swords, I aspire to the Queen of Wands :)

      The Queen of Pentacles feels quite foreign to me in some ways. Although I am a mother, I don't think I'm very motherly. Though, as Jean Shinoda-Bolen says in "Goddesses in Everywoman", the life experiences we have do draw out particular aspects in us more than we might otherwise note...

    2. That's funny I deeply connect to the queen of swords too, yet my aspiration is the queen of pentacles I see in her much more then motherly qualities. For me she embodies earthy activities, like cooking,. gardening, baking; A woman who takes care of herself and of others if needed. It is my way of getting out of my head; getting my hands dirty

    3. I certainly see what you mean. Still, for me, the Queen of Wands is also a way to get out of my head, by taking action and being sociable :)