Thursday, 14 November 2013

Divine Inspiration

On this Thursday, we have a very inspirational card from the Tarot of the Masters: the Ace of Wands.

Here, we see a man kneeling on a bench in front of a writing desk.  His cloak shades from orange at the shoulders to red, colours of passion and life.  Above him shines a star, and an angel reaches down, offering him divine inspiration.  This is an interesting justaposition, colours associated with the lower chakras, combined with the angel's energy.  Yet, without passion applied to inspiration, it will not go far.

In The Soul's Journey James Ricklef offers us a definition of divine inspiration, as opposed to egoistic inspiration: "we might wonder if our inspiration will uplift us or serve to relieve suffering in others.  In that case, it is probably of a divine origin.  On the other hand, if it is focused merely on personal aggrandizement or the accumulation of wealth, it is of the ego."

I hope that some divine inspiration will flow in the meeting today, that's for sure.  The higher-ups have been debating something for years now, and while they know it needs to be done, personal motivations have been getting in the way of a clear decision being made.  Yet, everyone acknowledges that it would be for the good of the company and all involved to achieve clarity.

I am grateful for the encouragement to seek the higher good today.


  1. It is a pity that this economical crisis doesn't contribute to the Divine inspiration

    1. Very true, Ellen! I've read that in the Great Depression, many people did pull together and help one another out. Maybe it's just not that bad, yet, or maybe social awareness has decreased - perhaps due to the fear culture we live in...