Monday, 18 November 2013

Howling At The Moon

Although there is often a wolf howling at the moon in traditional Tower cards, in the Bohemian Gothic Tarot (Baba Studios, 2007) we also have one on the Moon card.

Once again, I love the subtlety of the eeriness portrayed here.  A woman in an elegant, off-the-shoulder evening dress and a crescent moon headdress stands under a waxing moon.  There are some trees to her left, and an ornate garden with a nymph statue to her right.  Meanwhile, behind her a beautiful white-furred fox raises his muzzle to the moon and howls.  As we look closer, we can see that the woman seems unnaturally pale, her eyes almost entirely dark, and she is unphased by the wolf behind her, despite the blood around his mouth!

For me, this works well as a card of mystery, uncertainty and nightmares.  The different elements are juxtaposed in a way that seems quite natural and yet strange, as dreams often do.  It's interesting, too, that several of the figures could well have fitted into other cards - the wolf in the Tower, the woman as the High Priestess.  This, too, lends it a dream-like quality, where different people appear, or a person seems to be more than one real person.

I have to admit, I'm not great at dealing with uncertainty.  Being someone who has worked in administration for most of my adult life, I'm far better with having things organised than with spontaneity, especially in the world of work.  Still, I see in this card a reminder that I can't always get everything clear straight away, and sometimes that's just the way things are.

I am grateful for the reminder to roll with life's punches today.


  1. Roll with the punches; had to look that one up
    I agree that is is hard to let go of control. Lately it is getting more easy but still....:)

    1. Glad to hear you're getting better at letting go and letting god(dess), Ellen :)