Saturday, 2 November 2013

Lennie Week 12 - Haunted Lenormand

Although this Lennie Week should officially have ended yesterday, this new deck from Robyn Tisch-Hollister arrived after I'd scheduled the other posts.  However, it is such a lovely deck, and so perfect for this time of year that I couldn't resist showcasing it today.

The Haunted Lenormand is all in orange, black and white, with a distinctly creepy edge to the drawings.  It has playing card inserts which mostly fit in well, with the Hearts and Diamonds done in orange rather than red.  It also comes with a lovely spider-web organza bag, and a little instruction booklet which includes "Halloween Night Fortunes".  These are sweet and funny: 1 - Horseman "Don't lose you head this Halloween"; 23 - Rat "Do not feed your fears.  Unless you love being scared"; 26 - Book "Reading ghost stories alone at night is never a good idea".  Another thing I really like about this deck is the card backs.  At first glance, they seem to be reversible.  Looking closer, though, they aren't - there's a sad and a happy pumpkin!  Of course, not many Lenormand readers use reversals anyway, so this works well as it makes the direction clear without being too obvious.  And if you do read reversals, then you'll see at a glance which are the sad pumpkins :)

I love that in this deck, the images really do have an edge of scary, despite the funny colour-scheme.  Just take a look at today’s cards (one card jumped while I was shuffling, so I took it as a theme for the reading): Fish, Cemetery (Garden), Witch (Woman), Headless Horseman (Rider).

In money matters, a woman needs to put on a social face to get her message across.
Finances are improved by networking among women and paying attention to any information you come across.
Today, go with the flow: use your intuition when socialising and sharing news.

The last is the one that I’ll take to heart.  I’m off to Paris to meet with two of my half-brothers today.  My third half brother recently told me some news which he hasn’t shared with his (full) brothers.  That I won’t be sharing.  However, I’ll also trust my intuition on which of my own pieces of news to share with them.  And I’m guessing they’ll have news to share with me, as well.  Overall, I take the message to socialise and go with the flow as a good portent for a pleasant and interesting day.

I am grateful for a chance to spend time with some of my brothers (I have five in total between step and half).


  1. Have a wonderful day in Paris with your brothers. Enjoy yourself :)

  2. Thanks a lot, Ellen! It was really nice to get together with them, I realised I hadn't seen either of them in over two years! Hope you're having a good weekend :)