Monday, 25 November 2013

Lennie Week 13 - Baralho para Ver a Sorte

Another Brazilian Lenormand deck shows it's face today.  This one is titled Baralho para Ver a Sorte (Deck to See your Luck).  Once again sourced through the delightful Socorro van Aerts, I really like the playful Court card inserts!  The images, while less colourful than yesterday's, are also charming.

Here we have House, Tree and Stars:

Body, mind and spirit delight in a stable home and a sense of wonder at the universe.
Lasting property investments require guidance.
Home-based health technology - from electric toothbrushes to more complex medical equipment.
A family-man's health issues are spreading.

Well, I certainly hope the last one won't be our case.  My Dear One has had a cough the last few days, and I'm really hoping Big Boy and I don't get it!  Big Boy suffers a lot when he's ill, because of his other issues, and being pregnant means I can't even take a Lemsip, never mind cough medicine!  Maybe he'll just spread it to his work colleagues today ;)

I am grateful for good health.