Thursday, 28 November 2013

Lennie Week 13 - Lovely Lenormand

Today's deck is one I discovered when I was at the UK Tarot Conference back in October.  There, I met Harpa Luthersdottir, a sweet, funny lady from Iceland who created this cute, very modern deck: the Lovely Lenormand (2013).  The images are very simple and colourful, and the deck comes with alternate Man, Woman and Child cards (I like the addition of a second child card, something I have also done in my Celtic Lenormand).  As those who've read a few of my posts will know, I generally leave all the extra cards in.  This time around, I chose one Man and one Woman card (just based on which ones appealed to me most).  However, I left both Child cards in, as I am currently interested in readings that differentiate between Big Boy and the baby that's on the way :)  The Lovely Lenormand also has four extra cards: Angel, Prisoner, Butler and Cat.

And one of those extra card appeared in today's cards: we have Birds, Angel and Snake.  What might they say to us?

A spiritual conversation with another woman.
A message from the angels: there's no need to be anxious about another woman.
Worry about spiritual boundaries.
Gossip about a woman involved in angel readings.

Well, I'm not a big fan of gossip, so I'll go for the first interpretation.  There are quite a few spiritual blogs I read, and having a conversation in the comments section could count as a conversation.  However, that only works if I comment, so today I'll try to make time for that, as it's always enlightening :)

I am grateful for the ability to connect with so many spiritual people via the interwebs.