Saturday, 23 November 2013

Lennie Week 13 - X-Karten

Once again, I think it's about time to have a week dedicated to Lenormand readings!  This week, however, I'm going to start with a somewhat different deck.  Purists may want to stop reading now, before they keel over in horror.

In Malkiel Dietrich's X-Karten (reprinted 2013 by Jasmin Andres), 24 of the 36 cards retain the numbering and titles of traditional Lenormands, another 5 keep a meaning equivalent to at least some of the keywords associated with their Lenormand counterpart, while the last 7 are slightly or very different.  Still, I think they can be read quite easily, and they are designed to be read in the same way as a Lenormand or Kipper, so I'm going to go for it.

Keys, Moon, Lightning
As you can see, in this reading one of the adjusted cards has shown up: 8 is Lightning, rather than Coffin.  Malkiel's keyword for this card is ending, but I'll just see where things take me.  Putting it together with Key and Moon, what I get are the following phrases:

Emotional certainty leads to a shock - if you feel absolutely certain about something, then it will be shocking if anything challenges that certainty.
Fame comes through unlocking tragedy - a la Jeremy Kyle?
An insight into your emotions brings closure.
Recognition of a certain ending.

For me, I think a combination of two of these is most relevant.  An email yesterday from someone I respect made me question some emotional certainties and long-held beliefs.  I hope today, perhaps through journalling, I can find some closure around that.

I am grateful for challenges to old tapes.


  1. Oh dear. I haven't keeled over, but. ;)

  2. No keeling here. I am glad you can rewind your tapes to listen tot them on a conscious level. Perhaps my tape was to be "just a mum" and has deprived me of a carreer and a more varied social life.:)

    1. Old tapes are tough: sometimes we don't even recognise them for what they are. And, of course, they're not bad per se, just if we realise we're following them without thought, when they maybe don't suit us. No choice is wrong, that's just the life we have chosen to live this time around... :)

  3. I like the colors on these cards. I'm looking forward to jumping into Lenormand land in the future :)

    1. With your interest in language, I'm sure you'll love it when you do jump in :) As for these cards, someone told me they are actually gipsy cards renumbered to (mainly) match the Lenormand system. Anyhow, as you say, they are quite lovely!