Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Punch & Judy

Today’s card from the Deviant Moon Tarot (U.S. Games, 2007) keeps most of the signature strangeness of the deck - the mechanical eyes; the mix of extremely dark and light skins; the odd, pointy chin of the little girl at the front right; and the strange lashes of all the children.  Yet, it also manages to speak to the joys of childhood, and our deep-held beliefs.

Four children sit or stand in front of a Punch and Judy- style mini-theatre.  They all seem excited: full of suspense and joy at the spectacle in front of them.  On the stage, we see a red-skinned, horned devil figure with a trident, and a dark robe with a waning moon in gold on the chest.  Above the devil sits another pale crescent moon, waxing this time.  There is also a pale, big-nosed figure in grey, with a tall hat, and a buttoned coat, reaching out to the devil.  I find the mini-theatre itself fascinating, full of symbolism.  There are two more crescent moons at the top corners of the theatre, and a full moon, with a little face, right at the centre.  There are also six cups embossed in gold on the top edge of the stage, and two little red flags flying above it.  Red curtains frame the stage, and there is an industrial landscape behind the figures, with stars in the sky above, and what seems like a cloud of smoke between them and the factory buildings. 

The image suggests the innocence of childhood, a time when we still believed in situations and people being what they seemed, when we thought we could understand the world around us and affect it for the better.  While those might seem rather utopic hopes, this card asks why we have stopped believing, and dares us to try to bring some of that faith into our lives today.

I'm not sure how much faith I can have today, if only in myself.  I managed to forget to post this until now, though it was sitting all-but-ready in my blogger box.  Perhaps that indicates the focus of a child - paying attention to the scene on the stage, and not to the bigger picture!  I've been focused on organising stuff for the new house - painting colour patches, measuring up for furniture, transferring utilities to our name.  I also spent some time on work: personnel questions, and fact checking.  Things like the blog fell by the wayside :(

I am grateful for the reminder to check and double check my posts are properly scheduled.


  1. I know blogging is important but he, you've got enough on your plate. Leave the punching to Punch an Judy and don't start punching yourself. You can always blame it on your hormons :D

    1. I guess I was just upset because I don't like to feel disorganised or out of control. Still, you're quite right, Ellen, no point beating myself up about it :)