Monday, 4 November 2013

Scary Priestess

On this Monday morning, we have a slightly scary lady greet us from the Deviant Moon Tarot (U.S. Games, 2007).

This High Priestess has a white moon face with a single, mechanical eye glaring at us, and a red-lipped mouth which seems contorted in a grimace.  Behind this first face, we can make out a dark, full round face (suggestive of the dark of the moon) with a closed eyelid that looks like a little crescent moon.  Her arms are crossed over her heart, and her long fingers reach out as though trying to capture a message on the wind.

She has somewhat tattered, grey wings, and wears a dark, hooded cape with gold trim over a red dress.  I notice that the end of her cape on the left side seems to turn into a snake’s tail.  She sits, bare-footed, on a stone plinth with a checkered floor under her.  In the distance are towering buildings, and above it all is the dark of a star-spangled sky.

Her moon-faced head puts me in mind of our intuition.  It is interesting how she has one mechanical eye that is open, and a dark eye that is closed.  It is in dreams, in the dark inner spaces, that she sees most clearly.  It is strange, too, to find her in such a man-made landscape, with little hint of nature.  Yet her feet are bare.  Even when surrounded by the noise and bustle of civilisation, she is able to get in contact with the earth, with nature.

The message I take from today’s card is to listen to my intuition.  I have a budgeting decision to make where I don’t have many of the variables at my disposal that you’d normally consider: price, time-frame, specs for the final product.  Instead, I will have to base my choice more on my gut feeling about the different companies tendering for the job, and an assessment of the process they say they follow.  Still, an unusual situation calls for a different approach, and I just hope no-one holds the choice against me down the line.

I am grateful for the reminder to look inward for more subtle information than I normally deal with in my day job.

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