Saturday, 14 December 2013


Back to tarot again this week, with an interesting, self-published deck.  Here we have the Efflorescent Tarot (Katie Rose Pipkin, 2011).  This is the colour version (it's also available in black-and-white), with the corners cut.  I hate pointy corners, and cutting them is quite time consuming, so the extra £2.50 (less for the black-and-white) was definitely worth it in my eyes!

The deck is very much a RWS-clone, but with interesting pencil drawings and colour choices.  The author also gives a lovely definition for her choice of name: efflorescent - bursting into flower.

Our first card is the Seven of Swords.  The character here looks more sad than smug.  Almost as though the ideas he has gathered do not cheer him, and he wishes he could just go back and re-join the group in the tents that he is leaving behind.  The colouring of his robe is interesting, blue for communication, but focused around his throat and his arms.  His actions also speak volumes...  We could see him moving away with those swords as someone who withholds communication, taking his ideas with him rather than sharing them, keeping his thoughts to himself.

This card chimes with me this morning, in that I've just spent over an hour trying to communicate very carefully, without really giving away my true thoughts.  And this in two different contexts!  Yet, I notice again how sad he looks: this kind of diplomacy can take its toll, and I wonder if I should be a bit more upfront.  It's hard, though, when you don't want to hurt someone's feelings...

I am grateful for friends and loved ones to vent to.


  1. Keeping your thoughts for yourself instead of sharing them with loved ones: I will put this in my tarotjournal. I often draw a blank with this card.
    The importance of sharing you thoughts, however difficult it might be, I've experienced a few day ago with my daughters. It depends if the person who your; communicating with is worth you honesty. Or sometimes they are worth you silence. Life is difficult !

    1. So true, Ellen! Different situations ask different things of us, and none of them are necessarily easy. Sometimes we have to stay silent when we want to speak out, other times we have to speak out even if it feels hard.
      Isn't it interesting how different versions of a card can give us such different readings. I've always found the Seven of Swords talks to me a lot, I wonder what that says about me? Thinking about it in the light of today's Devil, perhaps when we find a card hard to read it might be because it can represent a shadow part of ourselves that we have trouble with... Now I'm wondering which cards I struggle most with... :)