Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Yay, we've definitely broken the hold of the swords cards now.  Today, the Otherworld Tarot (Schiffer, 2010) offers us the Three of Pentacles.

A blue pencil crosses a brown paintbrush with blue paint on its tip.  Around these symblols of arty-ness are arrayed three pentacles in hues of red, orange and gold.  There are also three pink flowers, two small ones to either side of the top pentacle, and a larger one between the bottom two pentacles.  Altogether, this is another cheerful card, suggesting spending time on arts and crafts, enjoying beauty, and perhaps making some money from it all, or at least feeling a sense of abundance.  The traditional suggestion of teamwork, however, is notably absent.

For me, though, the idea of teamwork definitely comes to the fore today.  Big Boy is still off sick, so I'm hoping my Dear One can help out a bit so each of us has a little time to do other things besides caring for him.  Not that BB is being difficult, he's quite sweet and cheerful.  It's still tiring, though, not having that break of him going off to school!

I am grateful for a partner with whom I can find creative solutions.


  1. I can remember it made a world of difference when my children were ill and my husband would take over. I felt so good to just sit and watch him being busy :)

    1. Tee hee, that sounds about right! My Dear One is being very good, especially now I'm pregnant. Still, the last few days have been rough on the both of us. Today, I ended up taking Big Boy on the tube, which he loves, but it was wearying getting him home - a 5 minute adult walk took 35 minutes! At least he wasn't making me go too fast, I guess ;)

    2. I am glad he's well enough to go outside again