Tuesday, 17 December 2013


I have a friend who, when possible, always checks the Star card before buying a deck.  It's not something I generally think to do, but I have to admit that this version from the Efflorescent Tarot (Katie Rose Pipkin, 2011) certainly gives me pause!

Although we have the eponymous star shining brightly in the night sky, as well as a pool and a person pouring water from two jugs, there are other aspects of this card that defy tradition.  For one thing, green, twisty shapes loom over the figure, framing the star.  They are probably barren trees, but could be rocky outcroppings.  More strikingly, the figure in the foreground seems strangely formed.  The face is rather androgynous, the haircut is short on one side and longer on the other, and the body, too, seems to suggest a small breast on one side, a flat chest on the other.  The legs also connect to the body at rather unusual angles.  I'm not sure if this is intentional, but it certainly adds a very different dimension to this card.

Traditionally, the figure on the star pours water both into a pool and onto the earth, symbolic of nourishing physicality and emotionality, or of generosity across the board.  Yet, the androgynous-ness of the figure adds another perspective.  It seems to point to the duality found within each of us, which Jung talked about in terms of personality and anima or animus, while the Chinese talk about yin-yang energies.  Perhaps it suggests that, to be truly guided by spirit is a state which isn't about gender, but about uniting the different aspects of self.  Or maybe it's that we cannot be truly open and vulnerable unless we acknowledge these different sides of ourselves...

Well, I need to combine an Empress-like nurturing with an Emperor-esque organising ability today, as I pack for Big Boy to go into hospital tomorrow :D  And I guess I could also do with keeping clear our purpose and hope in going into this surgery - improved quality of life for him, and additional information to help us make some informed choices about the future.

I am grateful for the guiding light of spirit.

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  1. I wish you all the best for everyone and Ill be thinking of you.
    Just follow the star that leads you all home