Friday, 6 December 2013


Ha, we end the week where we started, with yet another Swords card from the Otherworld Tarot (Schiffer, 2010).

This time we have the Six of Swords, with a strange juxtaposition between subtitle and image.  The card bears the word "Tranquility".  And yet, the image shows six swords flying across the sky in a way that is reminiscent of many an Eight of Wands image.  Three of the swords point upward, three downward, and they seem to fly both amongst the clouds and in between waves of churning water.  Each sword pierces a heart, while stars twinkle in the background.

What I see here is the notion of attaining clarity around our emotions - the swords of the mind pierce the clouds around our hearts and churning emotions.   That clarity may come from within or without, or a little of both (up and down).  Either way, it brings with it a degree of tranquility.

It's funny, I feel I got a fair bit of clarity, and increased tranquility, from some journalling and a trip to my therapist's yesterday.  Is there more yet where that came from?  Perhaps...  Alternately, this may be about focusing on thoughts and ideas today, without the pressure of difficult emotions that have been around the last few days.  I could certainly do with a bit of time to focus on work, that's for sure!

I am grateful for some emotional peace that allows me to focus my mind.


  1. I'd rather be on the RW boat off to an island to clear my mind.
    I am happy you've find some peace for yourself
    Yes, journaling is a great way to find clarity :)

    1. Yes, I especially like Ciro Marchetti's versions of the Six of Swords, they're all beautiful :) It's good to feel a bit clearer, and I did get some good work done!

  2. Interesting version of the 6 of Swords, reminiscent of the 3 of Swords with the arrows through the heart. The 3 swords up, 3 swords down pattern creates a sense of balance in the midst of what at first appears to be randomly hectic activity. I especially like your comment: "The swords of the mind pierce the clouds around our hearts and churning emotions."

    1. Yes, it's a strange mix, this card. Still, overall I think it works :)