Thursday, 19 December 2013

Forging Ahead

Well, we're certainly getting our fill of Majors this week from the Efflorescent Tarot (Katie Rose Pipkin, 2011).

In this version of the Chariot, the first things to jump out at me are the fact the charioteer is female, and the unusual steeds.  While there are decks which show dark and light sphinxes pulling the Chariot, here we seem to have a sphinx and a gryphon.  Visually, the sphinx embodies perspective and wisdom, connecting to Ancient Egypt and an eagle.  Meanwhile, the gryphon suggests links to the lion in the Strength card, and traditional Devil depictions.  So, a more animalistic, physical presence.  In that way, I suppose they do match more traditional dark and light juxtapositions.  Interestingly, too, instead of seeming to pull in different directions, they appear to turn as though to talk with one another.

The charioteer, too, seems to echo the Strength card in her femininity.  Her dress is blue, colour of communication, which suggests that in order to move forward, we harness the different energies in our life with gentleness and by communicating clearly, even if that dialogue is with ourselves.
Today, I needed to harness the disparate parts of work and play and mothering.  Spent the morning in the hospital with Big Boy again.  Then got home to lots of work that had built up since Tuesday - didn't have any time at all for it yesterday.  And I also want to do some exercise today, as I didn't have time yesterday, either.  Still, I can see where the gentleness bit comes in, as I don't want to push myself too much with any of these things.  Instead, listening to what I really need, rather than what I think I ought to do :)

I am grateful to be out of the hospital, and with Big Boy well.


  1. I m happy you are all back home again safe and sound
    And with so much on your plate you couldn't have made a wiser decision to take good care of youself

  2. I am glad things went through and also that you are now out. This is definitely one if the weirder versions of the Chariot I have seen but I like it.