Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Here Comes The Sun

It's Christmas Eve, and a very clear Father Christmas comes a-calling from the Christmas Tarot (Corinne Kenner, 2010).

A jolly, white-bearded, old guy in a red robe and red hat holds toys piled in his arms.  A sleigh rests behind him with more presents peeking out from sacks, and a fully-decorated Christmas tree glitters at the back.  Both Santa and the tall, snowy mountains behind him are illuminated by the sun which is just rising in a rainbow of light reflected from icicles above his head.

While I'm not sure I would have chosen this image for the Sun, as I imagine there must have been some old pictures of blond boys on rocking horses enjoying Christmas morning, it is still a very happy feeling card.  The sun rising in the background works well to suggest the dawn of a new day, and a new beginning filled with promise.

Today is when my family and I celebrate Christmas.  I'm a bit late posting because some of our Christmas childcare fell through, so I've not got much time.  Still, I'm looking forward to my parents coming over.  And already the house smells like cooking, as the goose has been in the over since 9.15am.  We'll also have roasties and red cabbage, and a few green veg, as well as stuffing and gravy.  After lunch, we listen to Christmas music and open presents, chat and laugh.  It's not exactly a new dawn, but it is a reminder of the warm feelings and love we share, good, sunny emotions :)

I am grateful for a loving family.


  1. Wishing you a wonderful evening with sunshine in you heart

    1. Thank you, Ellen! The same to you :) The hecticness of the day is over, and Big Boy is in bed, so it's time for some peace and quiet, and perhaps sitting quietly on the sofa together reading. Hope your day has been joyful!