Friday, 20 December 2013

Looking To The Future

For this final day with the Efflorescent Tarot (Katie Rose Pipkin, 2011), finally another non-Major - we haven't seen many of these!

Here is the Three of Wands, with a male figure in a dark blue, velvet jacket looking out at a craggy, mountainous landscape.  He leans against one tree/wand, with another by his side, and a thick branch in his right hand.  There are green hills just in front of him, disappearing off into sharp, brown mountains in the distance, framed by an almost scarlet sky. 

To me, this feels like someone in a comfortable place looking towards the future with a bit of trepidation.  Still, it seems like there is also growth potential and passion, even if there may be some uncertainty and difficulties ahead.

The trepidation part may be just be because school called not five minutes ago to say Big Boy seems sleepy and wobbly, and might need to come home.  He was so insistent he wanted to go, and seemed okay.  Fingers crossed...  Other than that, I see today as time to start looking to the future.  Christmas shopping is about out of the way, so I can start thinking about what next year might hold.

I am grateful for a few minutes of quiet time.


  1. Although it has its charm I wasn't blown away with this deck. So I am looking forward to next week. I am not quite finished with my shopping yet. My list is waiting impatiently beside my laptop :)

    1. Hi Ellen, all I can say is thank goodness for on-line shopping ;) Good luck getting your list finished!