Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Finally, we have some relief from all those swords cards!  Though it's back to the slightly stuck Two energy we started with in this Two of Wands from the Otherworld Tarot (Schiffer, 2010).

Still, despite two big, crossed branches/wands, this card has a positive feeling, full of possibility.  Subtitled Opportunity, there are cheerful red stars shining from a bright, yellow sky.  A blue-green world floats in the upper quadrant of the card, with a balanced set of scales at the bottom.

Altogether, it does feel like a card full of potential.  Though we may need to weigh up which opportunity we choose to follow through on, there is a world of possibilities here.

Not sure what opportunities my day will hold.  Big Boy is still off school sick, though I'm hopeful he'll be able to go back tomorrow.  My mum is coming round for a visit, which has the potential for some nice conversation.  And I hope I'll get a bit of time for one of my projects, though which one I'll choose to spend that time on is still open to debate :)

I am grateful for having lots of projects in my life which enthuse me.


  1. I like days which just unfold without a tied schedule. When I look back those days are often full of little surprises and very satisfying.
    Today might be one of these days for you too
    Have a nice day

    1. Hope you had a day like that, Ellen, sounds nice! :) My day was okay: a mixed bag of surprises (my mum arrived early, so I didn't get to workout, but it was nice to see her), and rather tiring. I would have enjoyed it more without a sometimes whiny, demanding sick boy to deal with, though we did also have some laughs. Perhaps the message here was to see the potential for joy, even in a situation that wasn't ideal :)

    2. I did, nothing special, but enough little sparkles. Perhaps it was just right your mum came today so you wouldn't be alone with him. I hope he will get better soon, for both of you

    3. Thanks, Ellen! And glad you had enough little sparkles :D