Thursday, 26 December 2013


On this Boxing Day morning, the Christmas Tarot (Corinne Kenner, 2010) shows us yet another very benevolent card: the Star.

Certainly, if you aren't a fan of sweet children in old-fashioned costumes, this deck won't be your cup of tea.  Our star here is a little blonde angel ringing a bell as she comes out from behind dark green, velvet curtains.  She wears a tiara with a star on it, and behind her we can see a small Christmas tree, decorated with actual candles and red baubles.

I like the idea of the bell in her hand, ringing to call our attention to the guidance at hand.  In some ways, I guess it could be likened to the trumpet on the traditional justice card.  Yet, the idea of purity and vulnerability can also be seen here - ringing a bell is something done to chase away evil spirits, and the little girl's white dress and angel wings also reinforce these ideas.

I have to admit, the temptation of Christmas treats has had its way with me the last few days.  So, hopefully I can bring a bit of that starlight purification into my diet today...

I am grateful for mini portions.

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