Monday, 16 December 2013

Rosy Queen

On this Monday morning, we meet one of the Courts of the Efflorescent Tarot (Katie Rose Pipkin, 2011).

Very different to her RWS-counterpart, this queen looks quite young and rosy-cheeked.  Equally red roses bloom on a verdant bush behind her, and she holds her sword rather nonchalantly in her left hand and over her shoulder.  Her eyes appear to be closed, and clouds send out tendrils to the left, the same way as the young queen faces. 

To me, this card speaks of passions (the red roses) from the past (facing left) which we try to understand at a mental level (the sword), not always with absolute success (the clouds).  In that way, despite the rather different symbolism, we have some similar interpretations to the traditional RWS queen. 

I can certainly see where I need to make a cut from the past today.  I've been worrying about something I wrote to someone on Friday, but fundamentally, it wasn't designed to hurt them, just to be clear, boundaried and realistic.  Still, I'll have to face them in person, so I need to keep that clear focus in mind.

I am grateful for an understanding of my motives, and clarity of intent.

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  1. I think in that case this queen is a great ally. Even in your posture you could be regal but kind. Standing your ground doesn't always mean you have to fight it. Being clear can be enough. And beware: Boundaries are easily broken for the sake of peace.:)