Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Skating or Flowing

It's Christmas Day, and the Christmas Tarot (Corinne Kenner, 2010) thinks it's time to snuggle in with your honey, or maybe make some choices...

This image reminds me of an old Doris Day movie: By The Light of the Silvery Moon.  I'm pretty sure it was in that one that Doris and her beau went ice skating in a romantic scene similar to that shown here.  It's interesting to think about skating in tandem.  You each have to pay attention to the moves of the other, to flow together, and pick up on not only the other person's body language, but also notice what is happening with the ice and the other people on the rink.  A lot of little things to notice and correct for, the kinds of choices that aren't necessarily even conscious, and yet are vital for the smooth flow of skating together.

It's a rather nice depiction of the Lovers.  At a more obvious level, it's about choosing your partner for life, or at least for this turn around the rink.  At a more subtle level, it reminds us that these choices aren't just single moments, but repeated and subtle decisions and actions, all interlinked.

I think my Dear One and I are sometimes better at flowing around one another than necessarily in tandem.  And yet, that is also about staying together.  We each have interests the other doesn't share, but we respect the other's choices.  And I think that's also a way to move together, flowing around each other's steps, rather than bumping and jostling.  After the hecticness of yesterday, we're both hoping to have a little quiet, family time today.  That may mean taking turns playing with Big Boy, so the other can have a few moments to do something else, like exercise or shower.  Yet, there will also be times when all three of us move together, though it certainly won't be on an ice rink!  More likely, going for a walk...

I am grateful for a partner to move through life with, through all the craziness it throws our way.


  1. Happy Christmas to you, D,O and B.B! Hope you have a lovely one :)

  2. Happy holidays to you and your family. Hope the the day is a step away from all the "craziness" and is quiet and peaceful. Lots of smiles along the way. ((((hugs))))

  3. What a lovely come across this delightful in Australia it's Boxing Day...the day after 25th...sand buckets of joy and love and the music of the cosmos...