Saturday, 28 December 2013

Surrounded By Love

Isn't this a beautiful card from the mass market version of the Anna K Tarot (Llewellyn, 2013)?

A woman stands with eyes closed in a green meadow, leading off to distant hills.  She wears a pale blue hat and dress and is framed by the sun, which is centred right behind her trunk and the bottom of her head.  Arrayed around her are ten cups, full of clear water.  The sky is a paler yellow than the sun, with a white halo almost like a rainbow above the woman's head.

While there is no intimation of an ideal family here, there is definitely a sense of contentment and emotional plenitude.  That this comes through clarity and speaking your emotions is suggested by the colour of her dress and the cups around her.

I sure wasn't feeling that way this morning.  Something happened yesterday, and emotions were extremely fraught.  However, after meditating twice, a nice walk on the Heath, and being able to talk it through with my Dear One, I'm feeling a lot better now :)

I am grateful for the coping mechanisms I have in place to deal with difficult emotional situations.


  1. You can be proud of yourself not only to know your coping mechanisms but also putting them to use when needed (bless your DH)
    Please take care and dont let it get to you

  2. Yes, it is a pretty card. It reminds me to stop and take a breathe when finding myself overwhelmed. Especially at work ... where I often tend to forget. So glad you were able to work through your upheaval at work. xxxooo