Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Turning Over A New Leaf

It has to be said, the artwork in the Oracle of Proverbs (Delphi Sutherland, 2013) really is stunning!

The message of today's card is one that I imagine everyone has heard.  Yet, the way it is depicted here adds new depths to it.  We see an autumnal tree with bright red leaves set against an amazing sky of billowing pink clouds.  In the foreground, one leaf lies on the yellowed earth, larger than life and curling up at the edges, ready to be blown about by the wind. 

To me, this image speaks of the cycles of life, and how we have to let go of one thing before we can make a start on another.  At first it seems strange that the card shows the leaves falling, rather than the budding new leaves of spring.  Yet, it is only after we have released what no longer serves us that we can move on to something that suits us better in the present.  To turn over a new leaf, we first have to drop the dead weight of the past.

Now seems a very appropriate time for this card and its considerations.  As nature lets go of this years growth to hunker down for the winter, I wonder what I need to release to make room for new potential next year.  Over the last week or so I've been looking back at my goals and plans for this year, see which I accomplished, which I didn't.  And thinking about which goals I want to renew for next year, and which no longer feel important to me.  Certainly, my focus next year will be quite different, with a new baby due in mid-March.  It can't all be about work, but more about inner work and prioritising nurturing.  Yet, though a tree grows new leaves, it is still the same kind of tree it always was.  And just as my priorities will be different, my life goals have not changed so much.  Plenty to ponder, and maybe today is the day to make a start on my 2014 Create Your Amazing Year Planner (P.S. the link is an affiliate link for Arwen of Tarot by Arwen.  I'm a huge fan of Arwen's, and not only for introducing me to these planners.  An extra bonus is that she is offering free 3 card readings to people who buy a downloadable planner through her link, just drop her an email to claim one!)

I am grateful for time to reflect.


  1. Beautiful card! This is just the time reflect , turning inwards. "Yet, though a tree grows new leaves, it is still the same kind of tree it always was." I like that. Perhaps little adjustments, goal, projects have greater change of succeeding than the big ones. And the big ones should better be divided in little baby steps.:)

  2. You are very deep and positive, I love your readings!!! Your analysis of this card makes me reflect on the useless things of the past and prepare for the new. You will be always you. Probably you'll have less time for you and things you like (little by little you will be well organised wirh timings), but nothing compares to be the richest woman: having the endless love, hapiness, and pride of being the sweety mamy of your children. :) I send you un beso y Muchísimas Estrellas!!!!!!!!