Wednesday, 18 December 2013


I rather like the starkness and yet colour of today's offering from the Efflorescent Tarot (Katie Rose Pipkin, 2011).

A large crescent moon hangs in a star-spangled sky, with two canines howling up at it from next to a pool.  A crayfish moves towards the surface of the pool, looking almost like it is going to snap at the tails of the dog closest to it.  Further off, two towers stand across from one another, and the sky glows blue between them.  I especially like the multi-coloured hues into which the moonlit disperses.  A reminder of the strangeness of that light, but also that it can illuminate things in a wonderful and varied way.

Today, we go into hospital with Big Boy for routine surgery (if that isn't a total oxymoron).  Being in hospital can be rather like the Moon's energy: a strange twilight, dream-like time-out.  Nothing is quite like normal, though we try to stick to his routines as much as possible.   Hopefully, nothing will sneak up and bite us in the a**e this visit...

I am grateful for a loving partner to share hospital time with.


  1. I quite like this deck. :) Best wishes with Big Boy and the surgery. *hug*

  2. Again best wishes! You are so lucky with your DH standing by you :)