Friday, 13 December 2013

Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

What a gorgeous card for a Friday, and for our last draw with the Oracle of Proverbs (Delphi Sutherland, 2013)!

Titled "Whatever Tickles Your Fancy", it shows and old-fashioned maid with a frilly apron, long white gloves, a mop cap and a feather duster.  She stands in an elegantly decorated parlour, with tea and a slice of cake sitting on the table before her.

Other than the suggestion of luxury and decadence, there is also a wink to saucy role play.  Either way, the suggestion seems to be to let your imagination roam free, seeking playfulness and sensual delights.  Allow yourself some pleasures today, whatever you come across that brings you joy!

Well, my Dear One has suggested a walk on the Heath after lunch, which sounds quite delightful.  And I shall take this card as a recommendation to follow my bliss today.  If that means going back to bed for a nap, so be it.  If it's doing a dancy, playful workout, I can live with that, too.  I shall just wait and see what tickles me :D

I am grateful for the encouragement to seek joy.


  1. That's the spirit Chloe! Lovely card to start the weekend with. Everything is possible, just do as you please. Have a nice walk this afternoon :)

  2. Beautiful, inspiring and energy post!!!! :) Very happy weekend!!!! and Millones de Estrellas!!!!!!! Un beso!!!!!!