Friday, 27 December 2013

Where There's A Will?

For this last day with Corrine Kenner's Christmas Tarot (2010), we have another version of Saint Nick, this time as the Magician.

Wearing an earthy green this time, more traditional than that Coca-Cola-red, I like that he carries in his belt and hands some broom twigs, a drum, a wand, a branch lit with three candles, and a little blue doll.  Over his back is a sack of presents, yet the items in his belt and hands seem more like his tools, like the Magician's implements, while the sack is what he is carrying for others.  What then are his tools?  Light to guide his way, a broom to clear his path, a drum to announce his presence, and walking stick to help him along rough patches, and a doll, perhaps as a reminder of why he does what he does...

It's curious, having really struggled to post daily this week has made me think about what this blog means to me, and what I'm going to do when the new baby arrives.  Although the issue this week has been a lack of time as our childcare for Big Boy fell through, having a new baby will probably have a similar effect, if not worse. 

I've been blogging daily since the 19th of January 2011, nearly three years without missing a day!  There's one bit of me that feels where there's a will, there's a way, a very Magician-like attitude.  There's another bit which acknowledges that pushing myself that way may not be the best thing for either me or the baby.  However, I'm also conscious that without a structure, I could feel quite chaotic. 

I enjoy the chance this daily blog gives me to take a little time to reflect on my day, what I hope from it, what I might do.  It's also a way to connect with other bloggers, a bit of on-line socialising that I really value.  Of course, that socialising would continue even if I did drop my posts to once or twice a week...  Well, I have some time still to think about it, and would be glad of suggestions from others - what works for you and why?

I am grateful for the blogging community.


  1. I've been blogging consistently since 2010 (had many blogs I never stuck with before that) and I sometimes think of knocking it on the head, but I like the routine. I actually awake looking forward to my daily draw.

    What about a weekly blog post with five cards, maybe? You could pull them at the start of the week and digest them throughout. Then reflect on your blog at the end.

    Of course, whichever you choose is not forever. When things change in the future, you can return to this way of blogging again. Everything is fluid and open to developing.

    And people will still enjoy your posts, however frequent.

  2. The wanting to sometimes doesn't coincide with finding the time to do so. For me it is a struggle to post daily and keep up with all the blogs I love. Very inconsistent and something I've had to deal with. My job is demanding and takes most of my energy. Since it pays the bills, it comes first. There is no balance to be found with that. "Tis what it is!! I would miss seeing your blog daily, however, would enjoy it whenever you are able to fit it in. But of course you are getting a little ahead of yourself. Finding that precious time for yourself just might find you.

  3. I've been posting for more than three month now (Hee hee) I like the daily routine too but sometimes it's costing me to much time and energy since this is not my own language. So now and then I just skip a day. I wouldn't be to strict for yourself. just go with the flow and adept when necessary. :)

  4. No contest - baby before blog! Just post when you can. It will be perfectly fine if a new post doesn't turn up every day. Do what's right for each day, and don't worry about the long-term. :)