Sunday, 22 December 2013

Yes, Dad!

For our second day with the Christmas Tarot (Corinne Kenner, 2010), we have a very Victorian Emperor.

This man is clearly the King of his own castle, with three adoring children ranged before him.  He seems to be doling out toys, or perhaps just reviewing them before the children go off and play.  Dressed very formally, he looks ready to take charge of whatever comes his way, so long as it doesn't involve getting his own hands dirty. 

Today is the time for any last minute changes to our Christmas grocery order, so I think I'll take this as advice to check it over one last time.  Better that than scrambling for ingredients on the empty Christmas shelves next week!

I am grateful for delivery services.

1 comment:

  1. I like this Emperor. Yes, he is in control but everyone seems fine with that and I get the feeling they respect him. I don't always get that feeling with other Emperor cards. The same advice goes to me. Today is the day to be sure everything is in order. Check and double check my lists. Oh how I love lists. Have a great day.