Saturday, 18 January 2014

Blue Sky Thinking

This week, we take a step back in time to a deck published by US Games in 1998: the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot by Graham Cameron.  This deck is colourfully-drawn, and definitely falls in the "weird" category.  Still, it's pretty fun.

Take this first card: the Ace of Swords.  We have what looks more like a dagger or knife, with a green handle with finger ridges, decorated with a playing card spade.  The guard is pink, and the blade pierces through a little cloud.  However, that cloud, and the dagger, float just off a black-and-white chequered floor, within the ramparts of a sand-coloured fort or castle, with an open, pale-blue sky above.

So, we move from seeing the world in monochrome to piercing through uncertainty, and with the promise of open horizons if we can rise above narrow or self-limiting beliefs :)

In this card, I see the recommendation to grasp a new idea if it's offered.  There are two areas where I'd like to look into something someone mentioned, and perhaps today I can make time for those.  Both are rather "outside the box thinking" for me, which is a good challenge to take up.

I am grateful for fresh perspectives and approaches.


  1. Ooooh, one of mine and JJ's favourite decks! We studied this together, back in the day, lol.

    Tom Tom will still always be one of my favourites. This deck holds a lot of memories for me. Looking forward to this week of draws.

    1. Hi PLN,
      Which one is Tom Tom? Have to admit, I haven't read the LWB *tut*
      I haven't made up my mind on this deck, yet. It is definitely strange ;)

    2. The Knight of Swords. I love him. If I remember, the pins on his table are actually stuck in his little brother (the Page). The LWB is fab, you should have a look. The stories (like for the 8 of Cups) are thought provoking and in some places, kind of sad. I should pull this deck out sometime. It always had a real deep kick.

  2. "New perspectives and approaches" that is a good advise when reviewing my beliefs and spirituality. It is so easy to take one of the old trodden paths again.

    1. I think in every area of life it's tempting to get stuck into patterns. Here's hoping we both find some fresh air for our minds and spirits, Ellen :)