Thursday, 30 January 2014


I find today's card from the Tarot of Mermaids (Lo Scarabeo, 2003, mini 2005) rather interesting.

Although superficially just a busty mermaid in the traditional Eight of Swords bound and trapped position, with a way free ahead if only she could see it, this card offers us other interesting symbolism.  For one thing, she is in a little, rocky inlet, with the tridents blocking either side of the exit behind her, and rocks blocking the exit to land.  It feels like a double prison, in that sense, blocked by earth as well as by the tridents.  And yet, as she is clearly breathing in the air, she is not as incapable of dealing with life on land as she may perceive.

For another thing, I like the way her hair floats up behind her.  Although she is in the air, rather than the water, her hair still sways freely, as though unaffected by gravity.  Yet, Swords (tridents) normally represent our thoughts and words.  Her rational thoughts may leave her feeling trapped, yet there is a deeper knowing, more instinctive or at a body level, that understands she could swim free any time she chose.

At the moment, my time feels very limited, which leaves me feeling a bit trapped: I can do the things that are highest priority, but those are rarely the things I would most like to do.  This card reminds me that I create those priorities (though based on who pays my salary, and on my son's needs).  Still, there are things I could do differently...

I am grateful for the reminder that we are never truly bound, we always have some choices.

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  1. And so the eight of sword can be a very positive card :)