Friday, 10 January 2014

Dix de Coupes

For our last day with the Isis Tarot de Marseille (ISIS Marseille, 2010), we have another pip card: the Ten of Cups.

Three rows of three golden chalices line up neatly, while a tenth, larger chalice lies on its side above them.  The nine smaller cups have plain, red tops, or else are full if a bright red liquid.  However, the tenth cup has a red rim and central flower design, with black surrounding it.

Intuitively, this speaks to me of a blossoming of emotion coming from having emotional clarity and tidiness. There is nothing spilled, nothing to disrupt the smooth flow from each of those aligned cups, and so something greater can be created, or felt.  In that way, the card connects to the emotional fulfillment so often associated with the Ten of Cups.

After the ups-and-downs of the last month and its various difficulties, today we are interviewing a new carer for Big Boy.  We've been a person down since before Christmas!  If she works out, it will definitely bring greater calm and emotional well-being to the family, as it's been quite exhausting juggling work, life, holidays, the tiredness of pregnancy, and caring for him.

I am grateful for the hope of easier times ahead.

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