Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Healing and the Middle Ground

There's something slightly odd about today's card from the Tarot of Mermaids (Lo Scarabeo, 2003, mini 2005).

For the most part, tradition is honoured in this image of Temperance.  We have a mermaid just in the water off a sandy beach, with rocky outcroppings rising above and behind her: combining the sea and the land.  It seems she may, like the mermaid in the Stars, have a split tail, as one part is held above water, and the other is in it.  She pours liquid from a blue jug into a red jug, also suggestive of mixing different elements.  She herself has wings, as well as a tail, and her hair appears short on one side, and very long on the other.  The long side blows out as though in a strong breeze, though there is no other sign of it in the still waters around her or in her diaphonous scarf, which drapes over one shoulder and into the water.

There is a suggestion of healing here - she is an angelic mermaid, after all, mixing up a potion.  And a hint of combining different elements and aspects to create something that is more than the sum of its parts.

Hopefully, our family will manage to be more than the sum of its parts today.  Big Boy had a test yesterday which means that I shouldn't go near him today, for the safety of my unborn child.  And because his class teacher is also pregnant, he can't go to school, either.  So, my Dear One has taken the day off work to care for him.  I hope that, although I can't go too close, I can still be a helpful and healing presence, perhaps doing things in the background to assist, like preparing food and medications.  It's really tough, being here but not being able to hold or cuddle him.  Perhaps I'll also need a little healing help, to get through the guilt of not being by his side.

I am grateful for the reminder that I don't need to be in the mix to be of the mix.


  1. I am sure you will make up for it tomorrow, with heaps of cuddles and kisses.

  2. Oh :( I feel your pain, but as Ellen said, you'll heap the love on him tomorrow when it's safer for everyone, and meanwhile, you can send love to him through food :)

  3. This card is hilarious. I almost burst out laughing in the middle of the night when I read this. Well, it was maybe 4am. Anyway...I don't know. Just very weird. Lol.


  4. p.s. Sorry about the situation with BB. I hope you take some time to rest and unwind--don't fret! XO