Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Help or Hindrance

Today's card from the Tarot of Mermaids (Lo Scarabeo, 2003, mini 2005) is a little less traditional than the others we've had so far.

Two mermaids swim past a shipwreck, or perhaps a house that has been submerged by the sea.  A small shoal of fish swim around them, and five pearlescent globes seem to float in the window of the house or ship.  Their being on the outside is also not totally apparent, as the curve of the wooden structure dips towards the mermaids.  Another non-traditional feature is that one of them wears a blindfold. 

We could read this as one person lending aid to another in a time of hardship (blindness), which would fit traditional meanings for the Five of Pentacles.  However, it is also possible to see some kind of game: what will be unveiled when the second mermaid takes off her blindfold?  Fives are often associated with challenges, so could this be an encouragement to explore our senses in ways we are unused to?

Both meanings seem relevant to me today.  On the one hand, my day isn't looking all that great: stuck in a stuffy meeting room, with a great potential for arguments.  Will I be able to help, or will someone help me to see it differently?  I also see the advice to tap into my other senses, maybe focus inward.  Sometimes it's less about what people say than how they say it, and that may be key to moving things forward.

I am grateful for the reminder to pay attention at many levels.


  1. Could it be you helping others to see, maybe?

    1. Interesting take, PLN :) There was one situation in which I was helping someone else in a different language, which could count...