Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hope Is A Mindset

Just two days after the last time, I've pulled the Stars again, this time from the Tarot of Mermaids (Lo Scarabeo, 2003, mini 2005).

A rather more traditional variant than last week's, it shows a split-tailed mermaid sat by the side of the ocean.  She wears nothing but a white scarf, and pours white liquid out of two white jugs: one into the sea, the other onto the land.  A huge star fills the sky above her, with seven smaller stars around it.

While there is a lot of female nudity in this deck, I mind it far less in this card which, for me, merits it.  I like the idea of allowing ourselves to be open and vulnerable, of placing that kind of trust in the Universe.  And while her split tail is a little strange, it does stay true to the traditional idea of being in touch with both the practicalities of life and the more emotional side of things.  We need that balance if we are to follow our guiding star, and feel at peace.

What I see here is a reminder that hope is not just something that comes from outside of us, rather it is a mindset.  Being Sunday, I know I won't be getting any news on the subject that is most troubling me at the moment.  Yet, that doesn't mean I should give up and have a bad day.  Rather, I need to keep hope alive, and focus on what I can do now, in the moment.  I can meditate, I can plan, I can play with Big Boy and my Dear One, and I can stay hopeful that tomorrow will bring good news.

I am grateful for the hope that lives within me.


  1. Hope is the fuel that keeps us going. I do hope you will receive good news and if not I hope you will be able to cope and still keep your hopes up :D
    Have a nice Sunday with you family

    1. Thanks, Ellen! I'm hoping at least a little good news will come tomorrow... Hope you had a lovely day with your daughters, too :)